VR fitness can help recovering from surgery

VR fitness can help recovering from surgery

A study shows that virtual reality fitness can improve healing and well-being after surgery.

The study looked at the use of VR fitness games as an adjunct to standard physical therapy after bowel cancer surgery. The VR group, who completed daily VR fitness exercises in addition to standard care, showed an improvement in overall mood and a shorter length of stay in hospital compared to the control group.

VR fitness motivates exercise

According to the researchers, virtual reality provides an immersive experience that can motivate patients to exercise earlier and more intensively. Early mobilization after surgery is critical to reducing postoperative complications and restoring patients' ability to care for themselves, they said.

The results of the study suggest that VR not only improves patients' well-being, but may also have an impact on recovery time. Although the reduction in hospital stay in the VR group was not statistically significant, the trend suggests promising potential.


However, research in this area is still in its infancy. The researchers emphasize that the study demonstrates the feasibility of VR-based treatment and should stimulate further research. Virtual reality has been used in medicine for some time and, according to market research, has the potential to become a billion-dollar market.

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