VR city building in the Little Cities Sandbox Update

VR city building in the Little Cities Sandbox Update

Little Cities for Meta Quest gets even more creative. Natural elements like islands and rocks can be drawn in the world in no time.


The popular VR building game Little Cities for the Meta Quest line just got even better - and more relaxed. Starting on June 29, simply draw the islands for your cities into the sea with the new sandbox update. At an event held by publisher Ndreams, this already worked in a wonderfully relaxed and intuitive way.

I simply aimed at the water, drew a long landmass on the sea, and placed some canyons. Next, I drew a sandy desert area, grabbed pretty branching trees from the menus floating in front of me, and planted a small cactus forest modeled after Joshua Tree National Park.

VR city building for Meta Quest gets more creative

I also "carved" a romantic lagoon into the landmass and placed a quaint shipwreck on the front of a rock. The end result was almost picturesque.

As it turned out, I had started the new sandbox mode as part of the usual campaign. This limited the number of objects available to me in the tutorial. If you start the game this way, you can create your own dream island, but then draw motivation from the classic build mode and its level-specific unlockables.


Creative players can also let off steam freely and without time pressure, as James Howard, co-founder of the game's developer Purple Yonder Studio, explained to me. To do this, I started the sandbox mode again, this time with infinite money and all unlockables.

Little Cities remains a comparatively small city builder from an indie studio. Still, I had plenty of objects available to decorate my world. examples include dinosaur fossils, recreational facilities like race tracks, sports stadiums, tropical indoor gardens, and industrial and infrastructure facilities like power plants and fire stations.


Natural disasters are also included - like lava-spewing volcanoes and avalanche-prone ski slopes. In addition, island layouts can be created by random generator.

Little Cities: Ideas from the community

Purple Yonder has grown from two people (a married couple) to three developers, who have been working on updates to the city-building simulation since its release in May 2022. Howard sees a success factor in the cooperation with the community, which always provides good ideas for updates.



"We try to cater to those people that want more of a challenge, but also those people who almost want to remove challenge completely," Howard explained in reference to the sandbox update.

For me, as a casual builder, it was already very relaxing to get creative while just building the islands - to stand in the middle of the hustle and bustle thanks to virtual reality. The free sandbox update for Little Cities will be released on June 29, 2023, for the Meta Quest line.

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