VR at Gamescom 2022: All games, trailers and announcements

VR at Gamescom 2022: All games, trailers and announcements

VR studios present new games and trailers at Gamescom 2022. An overview.

Gamescom runs from August 24 to 28, 2022. MIXED is on site and will report on one or the other VR game in the coming days. This article will be updated with further announcements over the next few days.

The Walking: Dead Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution

The sequel to the zombie epic was announced earlier this year. It will once again take us to devastated New Orleans, but will be a standalone VR game.

The studio promises a new story campaign, new areas to explore, new weapons and tools, and new gameplay mechanics. Your antagonist is the Axe Man, a mysterious, post-apocalyptic slasher whose actions and machinations should keep you on your toes throughout the campaign.

The new arsenal will not only consist of variants of already known weapons, but will be designed to offer you unique and new combat methods. The innovations include the silencer, new weapons such as the submachine gun and the sawed-off shotgun, as well as a chainsaw.

Chapter 2: Retribution will be released in late 2022 for Meta Quest 2, PC VR and Playstation VR. The PSVR 2 version will follow in 2023. The following gameplay videos are new and are from Gamescom.

New game from Owlchemy Labs (teaser)

The VR studio acquired by Google, which brought us VR games like Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator and most recently Cosmonious High, teased its latest project at Gamescom.

It will be the studio's first VR game to feature multiplayer. Another special feature: the new title is being developed from the ground up for hand tracking. Whether it will also be playable with VR controllers has not yet been decided.

Owlchemy Labs has gained a lot of experience with hand tracking: Vacation Simulator can be played through completely with the hands thanks to a hand-tracking update.

The teaser doesn't reveal much about the gameplay yet, but it certainly arouses curiosity.

Everslaught Invasion

Publisher Fast Travel Games announced a new VR game at Gamescom: Everslaught Invasion is a roguelike designed for co-op gameplay, but can also be played solo.

You join the mysterious Cleric Order, choose from three classes with unique play styles and tools, move through levels at lightning speed thanks to a grappling hook, collect loot, and gradually unlock new abilities and weapons.


Everslaught Invasion builds on the PC VR game Everslaught, released in 2022, but is a completely new development for mobile VR platforms. It will be released for Meta Quest 2 in early 2023 and is being developed by German studio MobX Games.

Broken Edge

Fast Travel Games had a second announcement ready. The PVP swordplay game Broken Edge, which was introduced in June, will be released in November for Meta Quest 2 and PC-VR.

During Gamescom, the publisher presented a new video introducing the classes: the barbarian, the duelist, the knight, the samurai, and the tyrant. More are planned.

New agent game from Cubism developer

Thomas Van Bouwel is showing off an as-yet-unnamed AR project for Meta Quest at Gamescom that turns your room into a laser obstacle course.

Catan AR coming for Tilt Five

The AR game console is set to launch in spring 2023 and will feature one of the most popular board games at launch: The startup announced at Gamescom that an AR version of Catan is in development exclusively for Tilt Five.

Unlike the standard board game, the digital variant features animations and a single-player mode against AI opponents. Among other things, the flora and fauna of the Catan environments will come to life in holographic 3D.

Besides the classic offline duels against other players, Catan Tilt Five also supports an online mode. Those who are at Gamescom can try out the AR headset on site.