Visit one of the most iconic filming locations from "Lord of the Rings" in VR

Visit one of the most iconic filming locations from

An update for the VR app Brink Traveler brings six new stunning destinations. You can travel with Meta Quest 2 or PC VR.


Brink Traveler differs from other VR travel apps in important aspects:

  • The environments are immaculately digitized
  • The interface is optimized for virtual reality and intuitive to use
  • You can visit places together with friends or strangers
  • The VR app is maintained and regularly expanded with new, free features and content

Since its release, the studio has delivered three major updates. The first winter update brought a new destination as well as two new environments at existing destinations, text and audio localization of different languages, a variety of new settings for locomotion, and various graphical improvements that make the places visited seem even more alive.

Four more destinations followed in the summer update, as well as a multiplayer mode that uses Meta's new avatars and turns the VR app into a social platform where you can meet people or travel with friends and family.

Brink Traveler: these destinations are new

This Christmas, the second winter update was released. It brings the following six destinations:

  • The Preikestolen rock platform in Norway with two views of cliffs and fjords
  • The Ulsanbawi field formation in South Korea in the middle of Seoraksan National Park.
  • New Zealand's Mount Sunday, one of the most iconic filming locations from the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Bryce Canyon in the U.S., with two unique locations, the Navajo Stairs and Wall Street.
  • The Dune du Pilat on France's Atlantic coast, a huge sand dune surrounded by forest.
  • The Sand Dune Arch in the US, which is part of Arches National Park.

The following video gives a preview of these places.

Travel together with (almost) all VR headsets

The Winter Update also brings several improvements. Multiplayer mode now offers cross-platform support for the following VR headsets and platforms:


  • SteamVR headsets (still in Early Access).
  • Meta Quest 1 & 2
  • Meta Quest Pro
  • Oculus Rift (S)

The VR app now makes it easier to get to know other people: The multiplayer mode uses icons to show where other VR users are located.

The studio also added support for gaze and face tracking with Meta Quest Pro, and improved exploring environments while seated by artificially raising the perspective. New country markers on the postcards make it easy to see where places are located around the world.


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You can purchase Brink Traveler for $10 in the Meta Quest Store for Meta Quest 1 & 2 and Oculus Rift (S). Brink Traveler is also available on Steam. In this version, the latest update is still in Early Access, so you first have to activate it.