Virtual Desktop: New update makes the physical monitor obsolete

Virtual Desktop: New update makes the physical monitor obsolete

Who needs a physical monitor? With Virtual Desktop, the classic screen is a relic from the old days. You can now operate completely in VR with only the VR headset.

The ever-popular VR app Virtual Desktop brings the desktop to the Meta Quest 2 and makes the PC accessible in virtual reality this way. You can work on a huge screen, enjoy movies and games in large format in the virtual home theater, or stream PC VR titles wirelessly into the VR headset.

Until now, this required a physical monitor in addition to a computer. Not anymore: The latest update with version number 1.20.33 recognizes the signal even without a monitor and forwards it to the VR headset.

The screen can go

I am happy about this update. I only work on a laptop now and have an old, relatively small, low-resolution TV connected to my gaming computer lacking a better solution. Now I don't even need to turn it on in most cases.

The new virtual desktop feature reminds me of my Playstation VR, which streams the PS4 interface to the VR headset, making the TV just as redundant if, like me, you only use the Playstation 4 for virtual reality.

Unfortunately, the Meta Quest 2 does not have a high enough resolution to replace a real monitor. But is it only a matter of time until VR technology is ready.


Virtual Desktop gets even better

The update also brings several bug fixes and establishes streaming compatibility with popular VR titles like Borderlands 2 VR, Red Matter, and the brand-new puzzle hit The Last Clockwinder (review). You can find the full release notes on Reddit.

VR Desktop developer Guy Godin continues to work flat out on new features. Last year, he introduced many new features and improvements: for example, Synchronous Spacewarp for better VR performance, a dedicated VR video player, and a sharpening filter that improves the image quality of VR games.

The latest update added a new virtual environment, the ability to switch between different seating positions, and support for Hand Tracking 2.0.