Vertigo 2 gets level editor, PSVR 2 port considered

Vertigo 2 gets level editor, PSVR 2 port considered

May 8, 2023:

The level editor for the PC VR game Vertigo 2 is now available in open beta. To start the download, right-click on the game name in your Steam library, select "properties" as well as "betas" and click on "sandbox - Sandbox open beta" in the drop-down menu.

The beta already includes most of the models, props, enemies, environments, AI elements and event triggers from the main game. However, the developer points out that not all user levels from this early version may work in the final version.


Original article from April 21, 2023:

Many critics celebrate Vertigo 2 as the best VR shooter since Half-Life: Alyx. A level editor and a PS VR 2 port could bring even more fun.

There are big plans for the future of the critically acclaimed VR shooter Vertigo 2. Developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown (aka Zulubo Productions) took to Twitter announcing a level editor with Steam Workshop support for his PC VR game. In the level editor, you create and test creations directly in virtual reality. In the first Vertigo, a similar toolkit was available for a fee.

The level editor for Vertigo 2, on the other hand, will soon be released as a free update. A date has not yet been set. As part of the announcement, Tsiakalis-Brown also confirmed that a version of Vertigo 2 for the Playstation VR 2 is also possible.

Brilliant VR shooter for PSVR 2?

"Noticed many people asking about psvr2 support for vertigo 2. I’m a solo developer so I’ve only had the time to target a pc release, but I would love to port to psvr in the future. It’s definitely a possibility!" Tsiakalis-Brown said on Twitter in January.


The level editor builds on the original game's construction kit and will work similarly. In a video, the developer uses VR controllers to pull building blocks like jumping platforms, lookout towers, or glowing alien plants from the simple toolbars.


Easily browse creations from other players and subscribe to their content through Steam Workshop support. In addition to the templates from Vertigo 2, import your own assets such as models, graphics, or sounds.


There are various modes, genres, logic elements, and mutators at your disposal as well. The intuitive tinkering and testing directly in the VR world is reminiscent of similar construction kits like the popular Rec Room or Sony's soon-to-be-discontinued Dreams.

Intuitive level editor for SteamVR.

Clean, fluid VR mechanics make Vertigo 2 especially interesting as a game builder. Because the developer already created a well-thought-out basic framework with crisp, direct controls, creatives can focus heavily on level design.

Our review of Vertigo 2 was already enthusiastic:

"There’s no crafting or waymarkers in this homage to Half-Life, just challenging gunfights with gorgeous weapon handling, varied puzzles, and endearingly dorky humor. Action fans with PC VR headsets should not miss this insane trip!"


Vertigo 2 has been available on Steam since March 30, 2023.

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