SteamVR: New PC VR games releasing in July 2024

SteamVR: New PC VR games releasing in July 2024

What's in store for PC VR this month? The following VR games are coming out in July.


The titles are listed in chronological order by release date and accompanied by an official game description.

Please note that the following list is not necessarily complete. Some VR games are announced or postponed during the month.

With date

Archery Red (July 2)

"Dive into a futuristic world as an archer, aiming to hit targets and vanquish robotic foes. Experience advanced mechanics and realistic shooting in an engaging single-player campaign or endless mode. Ready for the challenge?"

Archery Red is coming to Steam.


Spin Rhythm XD (July 9)

"Enter the Rhythm Dimension. A homage to classic arcade rhythm games (Guitar Hero, DDR), with a modern aesthetic and soundtrack. Match colours and beats, spin, tap, flick and flow through the juiciest beats in the universe."

Spin Rhythm XD is coming to Steam and will release simultaneously for Playstation VR 2.


Infinite Inside (July 12)

"Enter the impossible and enchanting world of Infinite Inside, an innovative puzzle game that seamlessly blends VR and MR gameplay with an immersive narrative experience.


When the enigmatic ancient artifact known as the 'Plinth' mysteriously materialises in your home, it opens a portal to a tranquil, dream-like world, filled with impossible architecture and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Guided by the echoes of past explorers, you will collect shards, solve three-dimensional puzzles, and assemble keys to unlock the mysteries of a secret society committed to maintaining the balance of Order and Chaos."

Infinite Inside is coming to Steam (without MR) and will simultaneously release for Quest, Pico 4, Playstation VR 2 and Vision Pro.

Space Drop (July 12)

"Can you become the best "Space Jumper" in the universe? Jump out of a spaceship into a warp tunnel. Feel the thrill of the high speed. Evade obstacles and collect pickups on your way."

Space Drop is coming to Steam.


StellarPlans (July 16)

"StellarPlans is a VR adventure shooter where you play as a human or warcraft creature, experiencing different worlds. With advanced tech and lethal weapons, battle human armies, machines, beasts, and aliens to uncover the StellarPlans and Sky City's secrets."

StellarPlans is coming to Steam. There's no trailer yet.


Rogue Ascent (July 18)

"Save the World with Finger Guns! Rogue Ascent VR is an electrifying roguelike shooter with a strong sci-fi aesthetics. Featuring full controller support!"

Rogue Ascent is coming to Steam.  It debuted on Meta Quest with hand-tracking support.


Swarm 2 (July 18)

"Swarm 2 is a roguelike shooter built VR with a unique movement mechanic, global leaderboards, and weekly challenges. Endlessly replayable and infinitely challenging. It's like Spider-Man with Guns!"

Swarm 2 is coming to Steam. It is already available on Meta Quest.

Brazen Blaze (July 19)

"Brazen Blaze is a 3v3 Smack & Shoot VR Action game with emphasis on close quarter melee combat! Choose from a range of unique Runners each equipped with individual skills meant to destroy whatever blocks your path to sure victory!"

Brazen Blaze is coming to Steam. It will simultaneously release on Meta Quest.


Tomb Explorer (July 19)

"Tomb Explorer VR is an adventure game where you navigate/explore ancient ruins and tombs in search of historical treasures, relics and artifacts."

Tomb Explorer is coming to Steam.

Without date

Time Lab

"Experience the future of learning and adventure with TimeLab – your knowledge and experience platform for virtual time travel! Immerse yourself in a futuristic world where you can visit historical moments and places with a time simulator."

Time Lab is coming to Steam.


Tiny Archers

"Draw your bow and defend your kingdom in this immersive VR tower defense archery game! Step into the role of the realm's finest archer as you face waves of attacks from cunning goblins and ruthless orcs. Test your skills, compete on leaderboards, and be part of the evolving community!"

Tiny Archers is coming to Steam.