"Silhouette" for Quest 2 offers unique hand tracking puzzles

Silhouette features an innovative gameplay mechanic that uses the shadows of your hands to solve puzzles and skill challenges. The game supports Quest's latest hand tracking technology.


Silhouette is one of the few VR games in the Quest Store that can only be played with hand tracking. Touch controllers are not supported.

During the game, you explore a mysterious island and have to rescue so-called Shadowlings. These are creatures that exist only as shadows. The game is based on the concept of shadow play: Your hands and other objects cast shadows on a wall that help the shadowlings reach their destination.

As far as I know, this game concept is entirely new, at least in connection with the hand tracking of Meta Quest 2. The Quest 2 hand tracking has been significantly improved with the 2.1 update, and is said to track more precisely, especially in subtle interactions like those in Silhouette. The VR game automatically supports hand tracking 2.1.

An innovative indie studio

Silhouette features 28 puzzles, a beautiful island setting, and a relaxing soundtrack. The trailer gives a good impression of the game's atmosphere and how the puzzles and skill tasks are built.



The VR game is available in the Quest Store this week and costs around $10. It supports both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. The game should take about three to four hours to complete.

Silhouette is developed by Team Panoptes, the same studio that created the asymmetrical VR multiplayer game Panoptic. Here, players take on two different roles: One person wearing a VR headset becomes a giant overseer, while the other plays on a PC and must sneak past the overseer as a small, shadowy figure. Panoptic can be played locally on a computer or over the Internet.

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