Try this free mixed reality puzzle game on your Quest 3

Try this free mixed reality puzzle game on your Quest 3

Retropolis dot.Line is a mixed reality puzzle game that is cute, relaxing, challenging, and won't cost you a penny.

The game is a spin-off from the Retropolis VR adventure series, but you don't need to be familiar with it to understand and enjoy this game.

Before starting, you should scan your room with Meta Quest 3, as the game uses the headset's room mapping feature. After starting the game, you will be asked to place a virtual terminal in your room, which will serve as the game menu.

Then the game begins: You pull an orb towards you that contains many small chambers. Your task is to connect two dots of the same color with a line so that the line goes through all the chambers. Check out the trailer below to see what this looks like in action.

A perfect MR couch game

The first levels are solved in seconds, but later it gets more and more difficult. There are more different colored dots to connect and more chambers to fill, and the structure becomes spatial, so you have to think three-dimensionally. You can use the controls to easily turn and rotate the structure.

The game is divided into three folders full of puzzles for you to solve, and the first two alone contain 30 levels. So the game should keep you busy for quite some time.


Solving puzzles rewards you with virtual currency, which you can use to buy posters and 3D models from the Retropolis universe to decorate your home. A nice gimmick for fans of the Retropolis games.

Apart from that, the puzzle game doesn't use any mixed reality features. I liked it because it is charmingly made and can be played comfortably on the couch without taking you out of reality.

You can download Retropolis dot.Line for free from the App Lab. Quest 2 and Quest Pro are also supported.

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