Resolution Games beats a tough year in VR with more sales

Resolution Games beats a tough year in VR with more sales

Quality pays off: Resolution Games sold more games in the challenging VR year of 2023 than in the previous year.



The studio, which has released titles such as Cook-Out, Blaston, Demeo and Demeo Battles, Ultimechs and most recently Racket Club, is celebrating a successful eighth year in business.

Some indicators suggest that growth in the VR industry slowed in 2023 (see the context section below), but Resolution Games bucked the trend.

"While the industry was largely speculative of growth for 2023, our numbers show that there was in fact growth over 2022, and our games were actually selling longtail better YoY for 22-23y," the studio writes in an email.

Resolution Games achieved the following in 2023:


  • The studio's titles have been downloaded more than three million times and have shown a high level of engagement, as shown in the infographic below.
  • The studio launched two new games in 2023: Demeo Battles and Racket Club. It also released a number of existing titles for new platforms, such as Demeo for PSVR 2, PS5, iPad and Mac. In addition, many games from Resolution Games arrived on the Pico platform.
  • The mixed reality portfolio grew to five titles: Blaston, Demeo and Demeo Battles, Racket Club and Spatial Ops, which Resolution Games hopes to talk about more this year.
Infographic with statistics on various Resolution Games games.

Infographic provided by Resolution Games.


Meta Quest is by far the largest and most important VR platform for developers. According to Meta's quarterly figures, Reality Labs' revenue declined in the first, second and third quarter compared to the previous year. It remains to be seen what the quarterly numbers will be for Christmas 2023, which Meta will report on February 1, 2024.

It is not known how well Sony's new VR platform has performed. However, Sony's silence on sales figures and the recent statement on Playstation VR 2, which describes the device as a "challenging category", aren't good signs.