Racket Club: Release date, mixed reality mode and single-player revealed

Racket Club: Release date, mixed reality mode and single-player revealed

Resolution Games announces the launch date for Racket Club, shows first mixed reality footage and unveils a unique AI feature.


The game introduces a new VR sport that combines elements of tennis and pickleball.

It is designed for challenging multiplayer matches (1v1 and 2v2) and, like Demeo and Blaston, has a strong social component: Off the pitch, players can roam, meet and get to know each other in a detailed sports club environment.

Now, the studio is revealing the game's single-player modes:

  • Practice lets players step into a court and instantly start a match against an AI rival, mirroring the singles multiplayer experience while giving players plenty of room to build their confidence.
  • Drills present a series of objectives that will teach players basic and advanced techniques to help improve their game. Drills focus on helping players understand the rules, as well as mastering different shots and reactions.
  • Career places players in single-player bracket championships against AI rivals that take place all over the world, giving them a first glimpse of the environments outside of their own home court.
Cozy lounge in the club environment of Racket Club.

Cozy lounge in the club environment of Racket Club. | Image: Resolution Games

Machine learning enables lifelike AI rivals

Resolution Games uses machine learning to create the bots. Using anonymized data from real players and deep reinforcement learning and deep imitation learning, the studio trained the AI rivals to react physically and behaviorally like real players.

"By training bots on data collected from human-played matches rather than pre-designed patterns of behavior,  we're able to offer rivals in Racket Club whose play is indistinguishable from real life competitors," says Mikhail Jacob, lead machine learning engineer at Resolution Games.



"This allows for challenges that are authentic yet unpredictable, helping to keep players on their toes and ready to discover new strategies. It also means that our bots aren't limited in their options by a range of pre-canned animations. Our AI rivals have learned about movement from the physicality of real human players, allowing for a full range of actions and reactions on the court."

Mixed reality mode also supported on Pico 4

In a new trailer, Resolution Games shows the mixed reality mode for the first time, which blends the virtual court with a player's real environment. Players will be able to set up clear court walls in the world around them, making it easier to see their space as they take big swings and rally for points, while the opposing player's side of the court remains entirely digital and seen through a portal wall.

Last but not least, the studio revealed the progression system: You will earn experience points for every match you play, which you can use to unlock cosmetic items (sweatbands, sneakers, etc.) and new rackets. OnlytThe latter have an impact on the game experience. At launch, there will be 20 different rackets, each with their own varying emphases on spin, speed, and mass.

Racket Club will be available in the Meta Quest Store, the Pico Store and on Steam on December 14th for $24.99. Those who pre-order the game on Meta Quest will receive a 12 percent discount.

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