Minecraft now runs with 120 FPS on Quest 3 thanks to QuestCraft

Minecraft now runs with 120 FPS on Quest 3 thanks to QuestCraft

The biggest QuestCraft update yet brings Minecraft to Meta Quest 3 with 120 FPS and improves the port in many other ways.


QuestCraft is a port of Minecraft: Java Edition for Quest headsets, supporting room-scale VR, motion control, and multiplayer. It is built on Vivecraft and Pojlib.

The development team released the QuestCraft 5.0 update last week, making the VR port compatible with Quest 3 and increasing the frame rate from 45 to 120 on Quest 3. Quest 1 is now supported as well.

Other improvements include:

  • Custom Instances
  • Modpack Support
  • Resource Pack Support
  • New Graphics Renderer
  • Updated Environment
  • New UI
  • Much more mod compatibility
  • 100's of bug fixes
  • Much more user support features

To play QuestCraft, you must own Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition and a Microsoft account.


You can download QuestCraft from Sidequest or Github. A tutorial video will guide you through the installation.


A PicoCraft version for Pico headsets will follow later this year.


Alternatives to Minecraft

Minecraft was officially released for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR, but never made it to Quest headsets. With Meta and Microsoft announcing a VR partnership in 2022 and working more closely together since then, a native Quest version of Minecraft is more likely again. Meanwhile, QuestCraft is a great alternative.

Another alternative is the Minecraft clone Blockverse, which even supports two mixed reality modes. And for PC VR, there is the visually stunning CyubeVR, which recently made the leap to Playstation VR 2 with great success.