Quest Kernel refers to an HMD with high resolution displays - Is it Quest Pro 2?

Quest Kernel refers to an HMD with high resolution displays - Is it Quest Pro 2?

New code has been found in the Quest kernel that refers to a headset with high-resolution displays. A Quest Pro 2?


Brad Lynch wrote on Twitter in December that references to a headset with a resolution of 2,392 x 2,560 pixels, LC displays and a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hertz had appeared in the Quest kernel. According to Lynch, the code seemingly describes a dual panel.

In this case, the resolution per eye would be about 35 percent higher than Quest 3 and about 77 percent higher than Quest Pro.

According to Lynch, the resolution of the Quest Pro and Quest 3 devices was also leaked in similar kernel finds before the products were even announced.



It is not clear whether the kernel code refers to one of many prototypes or an actual planned VR headset. It is known that Meta develops several prototypes of future products in parallel. If it is a product candidate, it could be a successor to the Quest Pro.

The Quest Pro was released in October 2022 and was a commercial failure. Meta could be planning a refresh of the product for 2024, with higher resolution displays and a faster chipset. The Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, which powers the Quest 3, or an even faster chipset, which Qualcomm says will be unveiled soon, could be considered.

According to a report, Samsung and Google will launch an MR headset at the end of 2024 to compete with the Apple Vision Pro, and Meta may also want to get ready with a Quest Pro 2.