Quest 3: Sega Dreamcast classic reimagined for VR to be released in April

Quest 3: Sega Dreamcast classic reimagined for VR to be released in April

C-Smash VRS, a PSVR 2 exclusive title that reinvents a Sega classic in VR, is coming soon to mobile VR headsets.


C-Smash VRS is soon coming to the Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, Quest Pro and Pico 4 VR headsets. Publisher RapidEyeMovers and developer Wolf & Wood have announced the port of the VR game, previously available exclusively for Playstation VR 2, for April 4, 2024.

Players will be able to compete in global leaderboards across all platforms. A cross-platform multiplayer mode is also planned. However, no specific date has been set for this feature.


C-Smash VRS: A revival of a Sega classic

C-Smash VRS combines elements of squash, tennis, racquetball, and padel tennis in a futuristic setting. The VR sci-fi sports game was released in June 2023, initially exclusively for PSVR 2, and is inspired by the 2000 arcade sports title Cosmic Smash.

Although the futuristic 3D squash game never made it to the West in the early 2000s, it quickly became a cult hit in Japan thanks to its minimalist sci-fi design and driving electronic soundtrack. The video below features the original game for the Sega Dreamcast.

With the upcoming release on Meta Quest and Pico 4, C-Smash VRS should reach more players. Rhythm and fitness games such as Beat Saber, Synth Riders, Racket Club, and Les Mills Bodycombat are particularly popular on mobile VR headsets. Echo VR, which also offers a science fiction sport, is still very popular despite Meta officially shutting down the servers and was recently revived by the community.

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