Quest 2: Simple tool improves PC VR streaming performance

Quest 2: Simple tool improves PC VR streaming performance

OculusKiller turns off the Oculus user interface, saving performance when playing SteamVR titles.

The tool consists of an EXE file that replaces Oculus Dash with a SteamVR loader. The advantage is that the Oculus user interface is completely disabled.

The elimination of Oculus Dash is supposed to "significantly increase performance", claims developer "ItsKaitlyn03". The user interface stresses the graphics card and occupies 200 MB of memory even when running in idle mode.

OculusKiller also offers another advantage: Those who mainly buy and play virtual reality games on Steam do not have to bother with a second user interface and can directly launch into SteamVR without detours.

Virtual Desktop can do that out of the box

Note: OculusKiller still requires the Oculus PC app to run in the background. Oculus-exclusive PC VR games cannot be played with OculusKiller. You will need Oculus Dash for that.

According to Reddit users, the tool works with Oculus Link as well as Air Link. Users who run the alternative Virtual Desktop do not need OculusKiller, as the program offers a similar feature out of the box.


Instructions for installing the tool can be found on Github. Kaitlyn's tool should not be confused with another open source project of the same name that forces the termination of Oculus services (see Github).

Kill SteamVR? That is also possible

There is also a "SteamVR killer": With the tool OpenComposite, SteamVR games can be played without SteamVR and this can also sometimes bring noticeable performance improvements.

The tool is a bit older and was originally developed for Oculus Rift, but according to Reddit users, it also works with Oculus Link and Air Link for Meta Quest 2.

Various leaks suggest that Meta is working on an official streaming dongle that will simplify PC VR streaming setup.