PSVR 2 Charts: These VR games ranked high in November 2023

PSVR 2 Charts: These VR games ranked high in November 2023

Sony has announced the top downloads for last month. Which PSVR 2 games were the most popular in November 2023?


The Playstation Store top downloads are released once a month and give an idea of the sales success of listed VR games relative to others. Many VR titles are only available as digital downloads.

While spooky games dominated in the Halloween month, the November charts show signs of the holiday season. More on that in a moment.

Fewer VR games were released in November than in previous months, but also fewer major productions. The only new releases that made it into the top downloads are Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice and Racket Fury. Both are at number eight. All other titles in the top ten came out earlier.

In first place is the survival game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 2, followed by Beat Saber. PSVR 2 exclusive Synapse and VR platformer Moss: Book II came in third and fifth place. Other player favorites such as Pavlov, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Switchback VR follow.


Table with rankings of the PSVR 2 top downloads in the USA/Canada and Europe.

The top downloads of November 2023 | Screenshot: MIXED

The holiday season has begun

The exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain, available in a bundle with Playstation VR 2 or separately, came in fourth. As games bundled with hardware are not taken into account in the charts, the high chart position of Horizon Call of the Mountain could be an indication that more PSVR 2 headsets were sold than usual (Call of the Mountain also placed high in the charts in the headset's launch month). No wonder, since Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season. This could also explain why some older games like Moss: Book II (February), Saints & Sinners 2 (March), and Synapse (July) suddenly ranked so high in the charts: New users are buying the highlights of the PSVR 2 game library.

More new releases are likely to be among the top downloads next month: Among Us VR, Arizona Sunshine 2, and Five Nights At Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 will all be released in December.

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