PSVR 2 games: 90 Hz support becomes a selling point

PSVR 2 games: 90 Hz support becomes a selling point

C-Smash is already the second PSVR 2 game to be patched to native 90 fps. A positive trend.

The cyber-squash game now runs at a smooth 90 hertz frame rate. Previously, the title used reprojection, a rendering technique that artificially doubles the frame rate from 60 to 120.

Reprojection causes motion blur and can even make some people nauseous. Graphically complex PSVR 2 games (Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village) usually resort to this rendering technique because they cannot achieve a stable 90 frames per second. The graphically minimalist C-Smash VRS, on the other hand, was able to achieve this with technical optimizations.

In the Twitter announcement of the latest update, the responsible studio advertises that it now supports native 90 fps and no longer uses reprojection.

Switching from reprojection to native 90 fps is a clear win

The roguelite shooter The Light Brigade also received a frame rate upgrade after launch and now runs at 90 Hz. Players had previously complained about blurriness.

The upgrade to a native 90 fps raises the value of those titles. Hopefully other studios will follow suit, or better yet, optimize their games for 90 hertz from the start.

An (incomplete) list of titles that run natively at 90 or 120 hertz can be found on Reddit. It would be great if Sony would make the supported frame rates transparent in the Playstation Store and if reprojection is used. This could be a deciding factor for some users before purchasing a title.

Performance modes for PSVR 2 games would also make sense: This would allow players to choose reduced graphics or resolution over reprojection. But I'm not sure whether Sony even allows that.

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