How to avoid a sweaty affair with your Playstation VR 2

How to avoid a sweaty affair with your Playstation VR 2

As a recent case shows, the Playstation VR 2 can make you pretty sweaty when paired with the right VR game.


Reddit continues to unearth sometimes amusing accounts from the lives of VR users. A recent example comes from Reddit user u/Resident-Ad209, who gave his PSVR 2 to a 13-year-old cousin to play a round of Pistol Whip. After half an hour, he received a dripping wet VR headset back.

The Reddit user documented the remnants of this sweaty event with a photo. Luckily, the sweat attack didn't damage the expensive device, as u/Resident-Ad209 made sure to wipe the sweat off the device and lenses immediately after the incident.

Preventing sweat attacks

His fate might not be an isolated case. According to Sony's latest PSVR 2 game charts, rhythm games such as Drums Rock, Synth Riders and the aforementioned Pistol Drip Pistol Whip are particularly popular among users of the VR headset, and these types of games are often a sweaty affair.

The most successful VR game yet, Beat Saber, also belongs to this genre and has not even been released for the Playstation VR 2, but could be coming soon.



At the latest then, the sweat attacks on the PSVR 2 should increase. Manufacturers of replacement facial interfaces and hygienic covers does not yet have any suitable products on offer, so Reddit users are recommending headbands to protect the PSVR 2.

However, if sweat builds up, you can clean the forehead pad and light shield. The latter can even be removed and rinsed with water. Read my article on How to properly clean your Playstation VR 2.

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