Half-Life: Alyx still not announced for Playstation VR 2

Half-Life: Alyx still not announced for Playstation VR 2

Half-Life: Alyx has to be on Playstation VR 2, and the fact that it hasn't happened yet, and may never happen, is scandalous.


It's November 24, 2023. Playstation VR 2 has been on the market for nine months. Holiday sales are booming. And Half-Life: Alyx has yet to be announced for Sony's VR headset.

There has never been a word from Valve or Sony, but there have been rumors. For example, one website claimed a year ago that an agreement had been reached and that Sony had secured the licensing rights to release the VR game in 2023.

If Sony had actually done this and wanted to boost sales of the Playstation VR 2, the cat would probably already be out of the bag. So why wait any longer? Of course, an announcement is still possible, but I wouldn't bet on it anymore.

Sony and Valve, shame on you!

Valve's PC VR masterpiece and Sony's next-generation VR headset would be a match made in heaven for VR fans and those who want to enter the space. But a deal would also have benefits for Valve and Sony.



Half-Life: Alyx was released three and a half years ago and, like Valve's PC VR platform, is slowly fading into obscurity. The VR game could play to its strengths on the Playstation VR 2, reaching new audiences and generating more revenue for Valve. The Playstation VR 2, in turn, would have another important selling point that the burgeoning VR platform needs if it is to remain relevant in the coming years.

I would like to know if Half-Life: Alyx is still coming to Playstation VR 2, and if not, who's to blame. Does Valve want to keep the Steam exclusivity of the VR game for a Valve Index 2? Was Sony unwilling to meet Valve's demands? We don't know and may never know.

Half-Life: Alyx on Playstation VR 2 would benefit the VR industry, and it's a shame that it hasn't happened yet.

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