Playstation CEO promises long-term supply of games for PSVR 2

Playstation CEO promises long-term supply of games for PSVR 2

Playstation VR 2 is here, now the games must follow. According to Playstation boss Jim Ryan, the VR system will be supplied with fresh content for 2023 and beyond.


Sony wants to make sure that the investment pays off for both parties. For the fans who bought the rather expensive accessory, and for Sony, who put money into the research and development of the VR system.

Japanese publication Famitsu sat down with Jim Ryan last week and asked the PlayStation CEO how he felt about the launch and fan reactions. For context: A month after its release, a report claimed that the VR system had gotten off to a slow start, with only 270,000 units sold.

"Playstation VR 2 has just been launched, so it may be a little early to judge its popularity. But I am happy to see many positive reactions from users and the media. I just mentioned some of the supported titles, but more than 40 titles have been released around the launch of PS VR2. In addition, there are many titles ahead of us in 2023 and beyond. We will continue to push forward so that those who purchase PS VR2 can enjoy it for a long time and that we can secure our profits."

Sony has plenty of VR games up its sleeve

According to Sony, there are currently more than 100 VR games in development. Some of them are expected to be unveiled at the Playstation Showcase on Wednesday.



The event will focus on PS5 and PSVR 2 games “from top studios from around the world,” according to Sony. Hopefully this will include exclusive titles designed from the ground up for Playstation VR 2, because those are rare at this point.

Ryan himself is looking forward to the PSVR2 version of Beat Saber and mentions the VR version of the Resident Evil 4 remake as another upcoming highlight.

The Playstation boss is probably right in saying that it is too early to draw conclusions. A clearer picture will only emerge after the upcoming holiday season. Until then, Sony has time to expand its game portfolio and announce one or two head-turning titles.

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Sources: Famitsu