Playstation VR 2 has a problem with software QA

Playstation VR 2 has a problem with software QA

Playstation VR 2 keeps suffering from botched game releases. Fans are upset and deserve better.

Sony launched the Playstation VR 2 at the beginning of the year in a new attempt to create a vibrant VR ecosystem. Barely eight months after the launch of the VR headset, the Playstation Store lists more than 100 VR games, and a lot more are coming.

However, anyone who has followed the game releases of the past few weeks knows that hardly a month goes by without one or two major VR games disappointing fans. Because they are badly optimized or suffer from bugs.

The first major disappointment was the exclusive Switchback VR, and it would set the tone for what was to come. Upon release, it suffered from poor graphics, even though it had already been delayed. The studio vowed to improve things and three months later released a patch that improved the graphics and fixed numerous bugs.

The next biggest exclusive title, Firewall Ultra, also got off to a rocky start. With long waiting times in the lobby, old-fashioned VR design and numerous bugs. Since its launch in late August, six patches have been released. A sign that the studio is very active and perhaps should have delayed the launch for a few more months.

A long string of disappointing releases

That same month, the PSVR 2 version of the survival game Green Hell VR disappointed with a low render resolution and bugs. Again, the development team promptly promised a patch to fix the major flaws. Since then, two patches have been released, but the graphics have not improved significantly.

Released in September, Hellsweeper VR suffered from graphics at launch that undercut even the Quest version. The situation has since improved thanks to patches, but the damage is done.


The last PSVR 2 title to disappoint was Project Wingman, released in early October, the first game for the headset that lets you virtually take to the skies - but only in six visually unspectacular VR missions that aren't worthy of the PS5's horsepower.

There are also positive examples

Premature or botched releases sour buyers on virtual reality. And those who paid $600 for a PS5 accessory deserve better. For example, software quality assurance worthy of the name.

To end this article on a positive note, I'd also like to share some examples of excellent PSVR 2 releases. Like the PSVR 2 exclusive Synapse or ports like Song in the Smoke Rekindled, Jurassic World Aftermath and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge that look and play better on PSVR 2 than on any other VR system. And I think don't even have to mention Red Matter 1 and 2 that look and play stunning on Sony's VR system.

Six months after the launch of PSVR 2, No Man's Sky received an update that took it to a completely different level of graphics. But the PSVR 2 version also disappointed at launch with a low render resolution, and perhaps it would have been better if it had only been released with this update.

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