Meta Quest: "Pillow" is a mixed reality app for your bed

Meta Quest:

Pillow is a unique mixed reality app optimized for experiencing and playing while lying down.


Pillow is the latest and most ambitious project to date from XR enthusiast, tinkerer, and self-proclaimed "Mad Scientist" Lucas Rizzotto, who has created many innovative, fun, and witty experiments, YouTube videos, and apps over the past few years.

Pillow is designed to be used while lying down and is therefore something special beyond just mixed reality. There are currently five different experiences, or "dreams" as Rizzotto calls them, available in the app.

The first mixed reality experience is called "Stargaze" and turns your bedroom into a planetarium. When you start the experience, the ceiling retracts to reveal a starry sky. The sky can be rotated by hand, allowing you to study all 88 constellations. They can be pulled from the sky directly into your hand to learn their mythology and history.

Fish on the ceiling or meditate

In the second mixed reality experience, the ceiling becomes a pond where you can fish with a virtual fishing rod. Each day, a different personal question appears in the pond, which you can answer anonymously via Quest's microphone. If you catch a fish, you can hear what other users have answered.


The day I tried Pillow, the question was: "Who was the first person you fell in love with and why?" Lying in bed or on the couch and listening to the answers is an intimate experience.

The third mixed reality experience consists of guided meditations with various visualizations and aids for breathing techniques.


AI-generated bedtime stories and intimate encounters

Finally, you can have a bedtime story read to you. First you choose from several parameters (setting: sci-fi or fantasy, characters: humans or memes, genre: relaxed or adventure). Then a magical story book opens, and you can listen to the story (in English only) and admire the colorful illustrations. The content is generated by AI and is quite entertaining. Too bad the app can't generate new stories every time. It would be a killer feature.

A fifth mixed reality experience, with a multiplayer feature that projects other users onto your ceiling, is still in beta testing.


Pillow is definitely one of the more innovative mixed reality apps out there. If you like interesting XR experiments or want to use your VR headset while lying down and relaxing, Pillow is for you.

Pillow is available on the Meta Quest Store for 10$. The app supports all Quest headsets, not just Quest 3. You can support Rizzotto on Patreon. Take a look at his YouTube channel if you get the chance.