Pico 4 Pro: What we know about the professional device

Pico 4 Pro: What we know about the professional device

At the Pico 4 launch, Pico also teased a pro version of the VR headset. What do we know about Pico 4 Pro?

Pico did not talk about the device until the end of the online presentation. It only differs from the Pico 4 in a few technical aspects. It also has three infrared cameras for eye and face tracking.

Among other things, eye tracking allows automatic adjustment of the lens distance. The system detects the pupil distance and automatically adjusts the correct distance via an integrated motor for optimal display. Users no longer need to measure or adjust anything.

The device also uses face tracking for enhanced social presence. According to Pico, the system recognizes up to 52 facial parameters and transfers them to avatars for lifelike virtual encounters.

Target groups: companies and professionals

Visually, there are no major differences. The front cover apparently comes in gold color instead of black, making it easier to distinguish between Pico 4 and the Pro model.

Pico describes Pico 4 Pro as part of a "professional product line" aimed at "advanced users and developers" who use virtual reality for professional applications.

The device comes with its own ecosystem aimed at businesses and professionals. The overall Pico 4 Business solution will feature a dedicated operating system, a dedicated store, and dedicated B2B services and programs.


What about consumers?

Pico 4 Pro is Pico's answer to Meta's soon-to-be-released Meta Quest Pro professional headset (info), but according to our information, it will only be sold to enterprises and professional users. Meta Quest Pro will be significantly more expensive than Meta Quest 2, but can be purchased and used by consumers without restrictions.

According to Antony Vitillo aka Skarredghost, Pico 4 Pro will only be sold to consumers in China, while it will be marketed as a pure professional headset in the West, similar to its predecessor Pico Neo 3 Pro (review). A further Pico announcement at the AWE-EU conference in Lisbon on October 20 and 21 likely includes more information.

Pico told us that Pico 4 Pro could also come for end users after initial feedback, but not until 2023.

Pico 4 Pro: The price is still a secret

The price and release date yet of the Pro model remain under wraps. Pico might wait for the presentation of Meta Quest Pro on October 11, 2022, and then adjust the price and marketing.

Technically, there are several differences between Pico 4 Pro and Meta Quest Pro, especially in the sensor technology. Meta Quest Pro uses five sensors for eye and face tracking instead of three, and two additional cameras for the passthrough mode. Expect a more complete technical comparison after Pico sheds more light on the Pro model.

The following video shows the excerpt of the Pico 4 presentation, in which Pico 4 Pro is teased.

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