One of the most beautiful VR games makes a comeback on PSVR 2

One of the most beautiful VR games makes a comeback on PSVR 2

Paper Beast is a VR game unlike any other, and it's coming soon as an Enhanced Edition for PSVR 2 and PS5.


Paper Beast plunges you into a surreal world of deserts, colorful clouds, crystalline mountains, and strange creatures as you caravan through the wasteland. You must first decipher the laws of this strange habitat. If you do, new paths open up. The gameplay and puzzles feel and fit naturally into the game world. The physics system, which realistically simulates elements such as sand and water, is also exceptional.

I reviewed Paper Beast three years ago, and the VR game stuck in my mind. "Paper Beast is a love letter to life and living things. It portrays nature, the raw struggle for survival, and the fragility of existence. Thanks to virtual reality, you're right in the middle of it, experiencing your relationship to the world in a new, unvarnished way," I wrote in my Paper Beast review (German only).

Enhanced for a new VR generation

It's good to know that this playable work of art won't be forgotten and will be carried over to the current generation of consoles and VR. On September 27, an Enhanced Edition will be released for Playstation VR 2 and PS5. This means Paper Beast will be playable without a headset for the first time.

Studio Pixel Reef promises a "multitude of improvements", that are "fully harnessing the capabilities of the PS5 and PSVR2".



The PS5 version will offer 4K support, while the PSVR 2 version will support HDR for superior VR image quality. Both platforms now offer highly detailed textures, and introduce light shafts. On the gameplay side, the sandbox mode is expanded, with an increased number of creatures and plants that grow and beautify over time, the Studio writes in a press release.

I'll definitely be checking out the Enhanced Edition when it's released, and I'll bring you a translated version of my review, including my impressions of the improved version of the game.

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