Order Immersed Visor 4K in October and get an upgraded battery

Order Immersed Visor 4K in October and get an upgraded battery

10/6/2023: Made a clarification that the upgraded two-hour battery replaces the 30-minute battery.

Immersed has a special offer for October: Order a Visor 4K or Founder's Edition headset to receive an upgraded two-hour battery for free.

Immersed Visor is a super lightweight, ultra-high-resolution XR headset coming in 2024. The VR developer of the virtual desktop app, Immersed, announced three versions in September, one with 2.5K per eye and two with 4K per eye.

The VR headset is work-centric and at launch will only run Immersed, requiring a VR-ready PC. In addition to the 4K OLED displays, the Visor 4K is expected to be as light as your phone, and features eye and hand-tracking.

Everyone wants 4K

Immersed was surprised to find that almost everyone chose the 4K models, even though they cost more.

The Visor 2.5K was priced at $500. That's a great deal for a display that's sharper than the 2K resolution of most VR headsets. However, the Apple Vision Pro shifted expectations and now we're eager for 4K per eye.

Immersed Visor render, worn side view.

A rendered side view shows the Immersed Visor on a manequin. | Image: Immersed

While the Visor 4K costs $750 and the Founder's Edition Visor 4K is $1,000, these models accounted for 96% of preorders. Only 4% chose the Visor 2.5K.

Since the overwhelming majority chose the highest resolution, Immersed canceled the Visor 2.5K to focus on the 4K models. CEO Renji Bijoy announced the news in a post on X. Customers with canceled Visor 2.5K orders can choose a refund or get a special offer on a Visor 4K.

If you pause the video at the six-second mark, you'll notice the Immersed team does their coding in VR, just as you'd expect. The programmer on the right is wearing a VR headset, probably a Quest Pro.

The coder at the left is wearing something much smaller that should look familiar. Perhaps one or more Visor prototypes are already in use at the Immersed office.


Renji had no comment on this observation.

October treats from Immersed

Apparently, preorders are going well and as a thank you to fans, Immersed said everyone that preordered a Visor with 4K resolution will receive an upgraded battery with a two-hour capacity.

Don't worry, you didn't miss your chance. The battery offer is good through October with any preorder of the Visor 4K or Founder's Edition Visor 4K.

This greatly extends your roaming time beyond what was possible with the 30-minute battery originally included. The Visor battery pack includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, while supplying up to 2 hours of power to the Immersed headset, a $100 value.

You can also use the Visor plugged-in, so the battery doesn't drain.

Despite the Visor 2.5K cancelation, the timeline for the 4K version hasn't changed. Immersed expects the Visor 4K to launch late in 2024. If you order the Founder's Edition, you get priority and should receive the Visor 4K with extra perks six months earlier.

You can see more details and preorder here.