New VR multiplayer shooter Frenzies delivers adrenaline in neon colors

New VR multiplayer shooter Frenzies delivers adrenaline in neon colors

In Frenzies, you can expect frantic multiplayer action in a flashy neon look on PSVR 2 and Meta Quest. No two matches will be the same.


British VR game developer nDreams has announced Frenzies, a chaotic multiplayer shooter set in a colorful neon environment for Playstation VR 2 and Meta Quest.

According to a blog post, Frenzies will throw you into five rounds, with the game modes and arenas randomly selected. This means that no two matches will be the same. The rounds are partly solo and partly team-based, so you may find yourself battling for victory with your friends and then trying to defeat them in a hectic free-for-all.

Inspired by classic arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, Frenzies aims to be a mix of accessible fun and gameplay that will challenge even experienced VR shooter fans.

One example of the creative game modes is "Glitter Pig," where you try to hold onto a giant squealing pig for the longest time. However, your opponents can easily track you down and steal the pig from you.


Gestures also play an important role in Frenzies. They are designed to add tactical depth and social interaction to each match. You can use them to communicate with your teammates using hand signals, taunt your opponents, or play a quick round of rock, paper, scissors.


To complement the over-the-top neon look of the arenas and oversized weapons, there are plenty of outfits and accessories for you to create your own flashy style. You can combine dozens of designs of your stylish full-body suits with digital faces, gloves, and shoes.


nDreams is one of the pioneers in VR game development.

Frenzies utilizes nDreams' proprietary run-and-cover mechanic, first used in the VR titles Fracked and Synapse. This intuitive and tactile cover system will now be used for the first time in a multiplayer game to provide an intense gaming experience in shared virtual spaces.

The Farnborough-based game developer has made a name for itself over the past 15 years as one of the pioneers of VR game development, releasing titles such as The Assembly, Shooty Fruity and Phantom: Covert Ops. Recently, the company expanded with a $110 million cash infusion, establishing nDreams Studio Elevation to develop AAA titles and nDreams Studio Orbital for live service games.


nDreams has also made a name for itself as a VR publisher with the release of the VR construction game Little Cities by Purple Yonder.

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