Meta's next AR glasses are "not the most stylish", but left testers "giddy", says Mark Zuckerberg

Meta's next AR glasses are

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is excited that his company is about to unveil an exciting prototype of AR glasses.


In an interview with YouTuber Kane Sutter, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company is close to unveiling a prototype of AR glasses. Zuckerberg said that everyone he has shown the prototype to so far has been really excited, and he is eagerly awaiting to show the AR glasses to a wider audience. "Every person who I've shown it to so far, their reaction is giddy", Zuckerberg said.

According to Zuckerberg, it will be a "fully holographic" prototype that uses the entire field of view. However, the device is not yet intended for the consumer market. Instead, Meta is focusing on preparing a consumer version for mass production, rather than selling the prototype.

AR glasses that are not yet too stylish

According to Zuckerberg, the prototype may not be the "most stylish", but it is clearly intended to have the form factor of glasses and not headsets like the Meta Quest 3 or Apple's Vision Pro.

The device will probably have much thicker temples than the Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses, for example, to accommodate the AR components.


Zuckerberg's comments on the future of Meta's smart glasses are also interesting. Basically, Meta wants to focus on three product categories in the future:


  • Smart glasses without a display with AI capabilities, audio playback, video creation and telephony.
  • Smart glasses with a discreet heads-up display that can show notifications, messages or visual communication with the AI, or enable navigation in traffic.
  • Full AR glasses that utilize the full field of view and can display sophisticated holographic elements.

Meta pushes ahead with development of AR glasses

Meta's prototype AR glasses will most likely be unveiled at this year's Connect in September. However, the company has been busy promoting the product over the past few months.

Meta's head of technology, Andrew Bosworth, has described the early 2024 prototype as "the most advanced piece of consumer electronics that we as a species have ever produced", while head of product, Caitlin Kalinowski, has spoken of AR glasses with "wow" effect.


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