You can actually watch great movies for free on Meta Quest TV

You can actually watch great movies for free on Meta Quest TV

With Meta Quest TV, you can watch immersive movies as well as classic theatrical films. Even more fun than watching them alone is watching them in company.


Like Netflix, the selection of movies in theaters is constantly changing and depends on the region you live in. Cheap horror flicks dominate here, but occasionally, you can find real gems. Here are three examples.

I found Darren Aronofsky's 2000 drama Requiem for A Dream, which portrays the lives of four people from Brooklyn, New York, who fall into drug addiction.

Also on offer was one of the best horror movies ever made: 1408, an adaptation of Stephen King's short story of the same name. John Cusack plays a disillusioned author who writes books about haunted places, but doesn't believe in the supernatural. That is, until he enters room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City, despite the warnings of the hotel manager (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

The third movie I saw was Source Code, a science fiction thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie follows a U.S. Army Captain who uses advanced technology to enter the stream of consciousness of deceased individuals in order to prevent a terrorist attack.


How to find movies

The movies you can choose from may depend on the region you live in. In this case, the only thing that helps is to launch Meta Quest TV and see for yourself.

This is where the problems start with this VR application, which feels like mostly neglected by Meta. As far as I know, there is no fast and direct way to display this type of content (2D movies).


Only if you're lucky, you'll see the appropriate movie category when you scroll down, so it's best to type "movies" in the search box. Scroll down until the movie category appears. Then select "View more" and you will be shown all the 2D movies available.

If you have friends with Meta Quest, you can watch the movies together in your own virtual living room, thanks to Horizon Home.


Meta Quest TV: wasted potential

Even after extensive research, I couldn't find a way to use the Meta Quest companion app or browser to see what movies are currently available on Meta Quest TV. Do you know how to do this? Then help the community and post the solution in the comments. I will update the article with the information.

It's a shame that Meta offers good movies for free, but gives users no way to find out what's available except by using the VR headset and even then, only by using indirect methods.

As I said, Meta's own video platform Meta Quest TV doesn't get the attention it deserves. I recently experienced this again when I tried to find and watch a well-known VR movie in the app and had big trouble due to bugs and log-in hurdles.

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