Track Craft gets a VR mode and a Quest Store launch window

Track Craft gets a VR mode and a Quest Store launch window

The mixed reality racing game Track Craft received a VR mode and will graduate to the Quest Store in August.


Track Craft received the "Immersive Update" this week. It brings the following new features and improvements

  • Switch from MR to VR environments at any time
  • Drive in POV mode
  • Multiplayer with Head 2 Head rooms
  • New user rankings and leagues
  • Hand-driven controls, including full hand tracking in the editor
  • New UI
  • New tutorial with voice-over
  • Many performance improvements and bugfixes

Brainz Gamify announced that Track Craft will be released with new features on the Quest Store at the end of August. The game launched last year in Early Access on the App Lab. With the release of the full version, the price will increase to $20.


Track Craft is a mixed reality game in which you drive a small vehicle along a virtual highway that runs through your physical environment. You must navigate obstacles, loops, half-pipes, and tight turns. In addition to time trials on creative tracks, the extensive track editor allows you to create your own tracks.

Josef went hands-on with Track Craft earlier this year and had an excellent time.


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