Meta Quest: New VR games releasing in July 2024

Meta Quest: New VR games releasing in July 2024
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What's in store for Meta Quest this month? The following VR games are coming out in July.

The titles are listed in chronological order by release date and accompanied by an official game description.

Please note that the following list is not necessarily complete. Some VR games are announced or postponed during the month.

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Death Game Hotel (July 11)

"Death Game Hotel offers a thrilling VR gaming experience where players wager not just chips, but their body parts in a high-stakes survival game. This unique game spans both single and multiplayer modes, inviting players into a world of strategic gambling and visceral competition.

In single-player mode, you're thrust into "Death Game 2000," where you must battle against quirky foes for survival. Multiplayer mode raises the stakes, allowing players to create deadly games and compete against others globally."


Death Game Hotel is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro.

The Exit 8 VR (July 11)

"You are trapped in an endless underground passageway. Observe your surroundings carefully to reach 'The Exit 8'. The Exit 8 VR is a short walking simulator inspired by Japanese underground passageways, liminal spaces and back rooms."

The Exit 8 VR is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro.

Infinite Inside (July 12)

"Enter the impossible and enchanting world of Infinite Inside, an innovative puzzle game that seamlessly blends VR and MR gameplay with an immersive narrative experience.


When the enigmatic ancient artifact known as the 'Plinth' mysteriously materialises in your home, it opens a portal to a tranquil, dream-like world, filled with impossible architecture and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Guided by the echoes of past explorers, you will collect shards, solve three-dimensional puzzles, and assemble keys to unlock the mysteries of a secret society committed to maintaining the balance of Order and Chaos."

Infinite Inside is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro. It will simultaneously release for Pico 4, PC VR, Playstation VR 2 and Vision Pro.


"In this stunning, mixed-reality adventure inspired by Metroid® and Castlevania®, explore an intricate diorama brimming with hidden treasures, challenging puzzles, formidable foes, and powerful magic.

After your father is slain by a zealous madman, you uncover ancestral magic abilities. Master these newfound powers and take on the oppressive cult dominating your town. Face the murderer of your father to reveal the mysteries of your origin and the power of your birthright.


With 6+ hours of exploration and combat, hundreds of rooms, 40 upgrades, and 4 difficulty levels to master, Witchblood transforms classic gaming with VR."

Witchblood is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro.

Yeeps: Hide and Seek (July 18)

"Yeeps: Hide and Seek takes the best movement VR has to offer and builds on it, literally!


As a Yeep, your belly is full of stuffing used to craft anything from pillows for building to bombs for destruction. Pull items from your vast imagination and toss them into the world. The game’s intuitive block-based building makes it easy to express your creativity at any skill level."


Yeeps: Hide and Seek is already a big hit on the App Lab with 23,000 reviews and is graduating to the Quest Store this month. It supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro.

Brazen Blaze (July 19)

"Brazen Blaze is a 3v3 Smack & Shoot VR Action game with an emphasis on close quarter melee combat! Choose from a range of unique Runners each equipped with individual skills meant to destroy whatever blocks your path to sure victory!"

Brazen Blaze is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro. It will simultaneously release for PC VR.

Thrasher (July 25)

"From the artist & composer behind the cult hit THUMPER comes THRASHER, a mind-melting arcade action odyssey and visceral audiovisual experience. With the wave of your hand, guide a magnificent space eel through breathtaking and unsettling landscapes.  Swoop, dash and thrash to defeat wild bosses in the ultimate race for survival."


Thrasher is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro. It will simultaneously release for Vision Pro.

Without date

Horizon Worlds

"Welcome to Meta Horizon Worlds. Whether you are looking for community, games, events or everything in between, this is the place to be. With new worlds and quests launching all the time there is always something new to do. Meta Horizon Worlds is free so you can jump in right away."

Meta's social VR platform and proto-Metaverse is rolling out in many more countries "in the coming months". Quest 3, 2, 1 and Pro are supported.

The following trailer shows the VR game Citadel, which was developed exclusively for Horizon Worlds.



"Stabby is an intense, multiplayer assassination style game in VR. Players use immersive controls to STAB EVERYTHING. Want to scale buildings and parkour across the city? STAB. Reveal your targets, then drop from rooftops to eliminate them? STAB. Up to 6 players in a lobby can compete to see who’s the best STABBER, with fully articulated avatars they can customize to their liking."

Stabby is coming to the Quest Store and supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro.

Zero Caliber 2

"Your favorite all-in-one VR FPS made infinitely better! Get ready to experience the thrill of your virtual life in Zero Caliber 2, the sequel to our critically acclaimed Zero Caliber: Reloaded military shooter!

A full-blown single player/co-op campaign filled to the brim with cinematic action (taking place after the events of the prequel), explosions, tons of weapons to unlock, PvP, native mod support, airstrikes, more explosions. A VR experience you'll never forget! A sequel that proudly surpasses the first installment of the Zero Caliber IP in every regard."


Zero Caliber 2 is coming to the Quest Store. It supports Quest 3, 2 and Pro.