My Monsters is a VR game in which you face your inner demons

My Monsters is a VR game in which you face your inner demons

My Monsters takes you into a completely hand-painted, dreamlike world where you must face your fears and anxieties.


Brazilian VR studio Ludact has unveiled its latest VR project. The action-adventure puzzle game My Monsters takes you to the fantastic world of Onirium. According to Ludact, the entire game world is hand-painted, giving the VR game a unique visual language.

In My Monsters, you explore surreal landscapes with Moti, your inner monster. You must solve puzzles, fight enemies, and overcome challenges. The VR game focuses on human emotions like fear and loneliness.

"Everyone has their own monsters, but how should we deal with them? Avoid, try to hide, or face them? My Monsters emerged with this thought. What if you had to team up with your monsters and keep your fears under control?" says studio head Egon Ribeiro in prepared statement.

According to Ludact, the core characteristics of the game include

  • 100% Hand-Painted Art: Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted visuals.
  • Team Up with Your Inner Monster: Develop a deep connection with Moti as you
    navigate the challenges together.
  • Explore a Dream-like world: Experience a narrative that blends dreams and
  • Combat: Face off a variety of enemies along the way.
  • Puzzle Solving: Engage in challenging puzzles that test your wits.

My Monsters is currently in production and the studio expects a release next year. The official press kit lists Meta Quest as the target platform.


You can keep up to date with the game on the studio's Discord server.


Ludact already has experience with VR games. In 2022, the studio released its first VR game, Unbinary, which, like My Monsters, was hand-painted using the VR app Quill.

Ludact was founded in 2005 and specializes in "XR games with impact". They have created immersive experiences and games for Sesame Workshop, Cartoon Network, UNESCO, and Volkswagen.


If you like the visual style of My Monsters, check out the VR adventures Retropolis 1 & 2, which were also hand-painted.