Meta Quest will get its first VR pen with Logitech MX Ink

Meta Quest will get its first VR pen with Logitech MX Ink

Logitech MX Ink is a tracked stylus designed specifically for Quest headsets. It will be available this fall.


The stylus was developed in collaboration with Meta and is certified "Made for Meta".

Logitech MX Ink supports both two-dimensional drawing on physical surfaces and three-dimensional design with 6-DoF tracking. It offers a pressure-sensitive tip, multiple buttons and haptic feedback.

The accessory is tracked in addition to the touch controllers, and you can switch between the three devices without interruption. After the first pairing, a tutorial that is part of the Quest system software starts, and you can adjust various parameters to your needs.

The stylus charges via USB-C or with a separately available charging station called the MX Inkwell. Logitech will also sell a mat called the MX Mat.


The following apps are supported:


  • Adobe Substance Modeler (PC-VR)
  • Arkio
  • Elucis by RealizeMedical (PC-VR)
  • Engage
  • Gesture VR
  • Gravity Sketch
  • OpenBrush
  • PaintingVR
  • ShapesXR

The Logitech MX Ink is expected to be available in late September and will cost $130. It supports Meta Quest 3 and 2.


Logitech's second attempt at a VR stylus

Logitech experimented with a VR stylus five years ago, the VR Ink Pilot Edition for PC VR headsets, which used SteamVR tracking.

The industry has changed a lot since then: Quest's standalone headsets lowered the barrier to entry for VR and are used by millions, while the app ecosystem has also grown and matured as a result of that success. As a result, the market for such a product is larger than it was five years ago.


Apple may be planning a similar product for Vision Pro with the Apple Pencil Pro, which was announced in May 2024. However, official support for the headset has yet to be announced.

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