You can now play the PC VR classic Boneworks natively on Meta Quest

You can now play the PC VR classic Boneworks natively on Meta Quest

Boneworks had a massive influence on modern VR games. Thanks to a mod, you can now play the PC VR classic natively on Meta Quest.


Modder volvx has released the complete Boneworks campaign as a free Bonelabs mod. Bonelabs (2022) is the spiritual successor to Boneworks (2019), which was released for Meta Quest and PC VR. That's why the mod is called "Labworks".

The port's creator worked on the VR port for nearly a year and a half to optimize the PC VR campaign for the standalone headset. It offers significantly more playtime than Bonelab's campaign.

Included are all 12 levels of the original game as well as a number of sandbox levels. A trailer (see below) shows what the game looks like on Meta Quest.

A video guide and the page help with the installation of the mod. The download is 5.7 GB (Quest version) or 5.9 GB (PC VR version).


Bonelabs is available for $40 on the Quest Store or Rift Store (with crossbuy) and for $30 on Steam.


A PC VR title that shaped VR games

Boneworks used physics simulation more radically than other VR games of its time, influencing many subsequent VR titles, including Half-Life: Alyx. Stress Level Zero simulated the inertia of weapons, objects, and the player's own virtual body, allowing for new and more realistic forms of interaction between the world and the player. Many of the innovations it introduced are now staples of VR gaming.