Take a natural history lesson with Sir David Attenborough on your Quest

Take a natural history lesson with Sir David Attenborough on your Quest

A hologram of Sir David Attenborough invites you for a personal natural history lesson on Meta Quest.


The Oculus Rift app Hold the World, released in 2018, is now available for Meta Quest.

In this VR experience, you visit London's Natural History Museum and meet a hologram of Sir David Attenborough, who brings nine rare exhibits to life through virtual reality.

For the original Hold the World app, Attenborough was captured by more than 100 cameras in one of Microsoft's former mixed reality capture studios. I haven't tried the Rift version, but I suspect his hologram has been visually simplified for the Quest version, but this doesn't diminish its impact. Sitting and listening to the famous explorer and documentary filmmaker is still a pleasure, even without a full-fledged hologram effect.

Among the artifacts you'll encounter and interact with during the VR experience are a blue whale, a stegosaurus, a trilobite, a dragonfly, a butterfly, and a pterosaur. You can hold these objects in your hands, view them from all sides, and zoom in at will. In total, you will visit three unique locations within the famous museum.



Hold the World can be purchased from the Quest Store for $10.


Other great VR projects with Sir David Attenborough

After Hold The World, Meta has realized other projects with Sir David Attenborough, namely the following VR films, which are a must-see on Meta Quest:

  • Micro Monsters
  • Kingdom of Plants and First Life
  • Conquest of Skies
  • Galapagos VR

You can stream the VR documentaries in the Meta Quest TV app, or even better, cache them in advance to watch them at optimal quality.