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Meta Quest gets age-appropriate Meta accounts

Tomislav Bezmalinovic
A pop-up window that prompts you to enter your age. The same window shows a family with two children using Quest.


Don't be surprised if Meta Quest asks you for your age in the coming days. Meta is introducing age-appropriate Meta accounts.


Since the end of March, Meta has been sending out a prompt to Quest users to confirm their date of birth. Anyone who receives the prompt must log into their Meta account within 30 days and enter their date of birth. They will then be assigned to one of three age-appropriate Meta accounts.

There are three age groups for Meta accounts: Adults (18+), Teens (13-17), and Preteens (10-12). Each of these account types has its privacy settings. The younger the user, the more restrictive the settings. Preteen accounts are managed by parents, and they can decide what apps can be downloaded and used by their kids.

Anyone who fails to provide their age after 30 days will temporarily lose access to their Meta Account and will not be able to use Meta Quest until their birthdate is confirmed. Your birth date will not be visible to others unless you choose to make it so.


The advantages of age-appropriate Meta accounts

Age-appropriate Meta accounts can help protect minors, while also allowing Quest developers to see what age group is using their apps and adapt accordingly.

Meta could also use age-appropriate Meta accounts to better ensure that people of the same group are matched in multiplayer and social apps. Meta has not said that age-based Meta accounts will be used for this purpose, but it would make sense.

More information on Meta Quest's parental supervision tools can be found on Meta's info page and in the official Parent Guide.