Some VR games will get improvements on Meta Quest 3

Some VR games will get improvements on Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 will have more processing power that can benefit older VR games. Two studios have already announced improvements.

The next-generation headset features a new chip that runs twice as fast as the Snapdragon XR2 used in Meta Quest 2. Studios can use the extra power to improve existing VR games by increasing resolution and frame rate, or adding more details and improving effects. Two studios have already announced improvements.

One is Skydance Interactive, which plans to release an enhanced version of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (Chapter 1) for Meta Quest 3. The zombie epic is one of the best and most successful VR games for Meta Quest 2, and VR in general.

The announcement of an enhanced version can be found in the video description of a new trailer, and was first spotted by UploadVR. The studio did not reveal what improvements the improved version will bring. Meta Quest 3 will be launched in the fall, and the upgrade is expected to be released around the same time.

Upgrades and enhancements are not a given

The tactical shooter Pavlov Shack won't get a graphics upgrade, but it will run at a smoother 90 instead of 72 hertz on Meta Quest 3. That much was confirmed by CEO Dave Villarreal on Twitter.

More announcements like this are likely to follow from other developers. Something similar happened with the transition from Meta Quest 1 to Meta Quest 2. I'm curious to see what (graphical) improvements other studios will make - if they make the effort, of course.

There is no requirement to upgrade existing VR games, and the lion's share of developer sales will likely continue to come from the cheaper and more widely available Meta Quest 2, which will continue to be sold after the launch of Quest 3.

More information about Meta Quest 3 can be found behind the linked article.

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