Meta adjusts price of Quest 3 in some countries ahead of launch

Meta adjusts price of Quest 3 in some countries ahead of launch

Meta is adjusting the price of Quest 3 slightly in several countries. The price in the United States remains unchanged.

Meta Quest 3 will be fully unveiled on Wednesday. Shortly before that, Meta seems to have lowered the price in several countries.

In Euro countries, including Germany, France and Italy, the price of the base model with 128GB of storage has been reduced from €569.99 to €549.99, or about €20. In the UK, the price has also dropped from £499.99 to £479.99. Other countries may be affected, but we can't say for sure.

Nothing has changed in the USA. The official website still lists the same price as announced in June: $499.99. The price of the higher storage model has not been announced yet.

We have asked Meta for an explanation as to why the price was lowered and will update the article when we receive a response.

Meta Quest 3: A bigger price tag for a bigger upgrade

Meta Quest 3 will be the most expensive consumer Quest headset to date. Both the first and second Oculus Quest cost less at launch. So any price reduction, no matter how small, is welcome. The Quest 2 ($299.99) and Quest Pro ($999.99) will remain on sale.


Quest 3 will be officially unveiled at Meta Connect 2023 on September 27th. Launch is expected to follow in the coming weeks.

The new headset will have twice the processing power, higher resolution displays and pancake lenses, color passthrough and a depth sensor for more advanced mixed reality, a slimmer profile, and ringless controllers with improved haptics. Therefore, the technological leap should be even bigger than from Quest 1 to Quest 2.

You can find more information about the device in our round up of all you need to know about Meta Quest 3.

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