"Does it Stack?" is coming to Quest with local multiplayer this fall

The mixed reality game "Does it Stack?" for Meta Quest will test your stacking skills this fall.


In this unusual, physics-based title, you stack various everyday objects to build the tallest towers possible. Here's how the studio describes the game:

"Can you build a tower of toy cars with a bicycle on top? Can you balance a fish on a bowling ball? Maybe this is the moment where you should put the fork in the toaster? But watch out! If two objects of the same color touch each other, they go BOOM! Be careful, or you might get a heart a-stack!"

Features include:


  • 60 levels with 3 challenges each
  • 150 unlockable objects
  • Play in augmented- or virtual reality
  • Stack together in local co-op mode
  • Get creative with your unlocked items and gizmos in the sandbox mode
  • Try to beat your friends' height scores
  • Compete in the daily challenge mode

Does it Stack will be released in fall 2024 for Meta Quest. You can already add it to your wishlist on the Quest Store.


It is nice to see that more and more games are implementing local multiplayer. Other examples with this feature are Demeo, BAM, Puzzling Places and the upcoming Spatial Ops.