Meta Quest 3 is showing up in the companion app

Meta Quest 3 is showing up in the companion app

More and more clues about the next Meta Quest and its new features are appearing in the Meta Quest app.


Hardware analyst Bradley Lynch published a screenshot of the companion app on Twitter yesterday, showing a device selection menu. Next to Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro is "Eureka" - a codename that has appeared in Quest firmware for quite some time and is attributed to the next Meta Quest.

We don't know the official name of the headset yet, but it will most likely be called Meta Quest 3.

Lynch sees the appearance of the Eureka entry as a sign that the first developer kits of the device are being shipped to developers. The same thing happened with the Meta Quest Pro, says Lynch. At that time, the codename "Seacliff" appeared in the device selection menu of the Meta Quest app.

Meta Quest 3 might bring QR code scanning

Lynch doesn't say where he got the screenshot, but noted firmware sleuth NyaVR posted on Twitter that the entry could show up in any companion app updated to the new v205 software, suggesting that it doesn't necessarily mean developer kits have been sent out.


According to NyaVR, v205 meaningfully ups the number of references to Eureka in the app. Meta also named the device "New Quest" instead of "Quest 3", maybe to conceal the official name. Previously, the lines "Welcome to your Quest 3" could be found.


The firmware sleuth also found new references to QR code scanning. Meta Quest 3 may get a new feature that allows automatic pairing of a new headset with the companion app and home Wi-Fi by scanning a QR code on the smartphone. This would further simplify the initial setup of the device.


Two new Meta Quests are planned by 2024

NyaVR also found a string of code suggesting that Meta Quest 3 will have an eye-relief adjustment mechanism. The code says: "[...] you can adjust your lens depth by pressing the buttons inside and pulling the headset forward or backward." If true, Meta Quest 3 would be the first commercial Meta headset with said feature.

The launch of the new Meta Quest is officially confirmed for this year and could happen in the fall. According to a leaked presentation, the device will cost slightly more than the Meta Quest 2, which is why the latter could still be sold until 2024 and then be replaced by another cheaper Quest headset (codenamed "Ventura").

The article image shows a rendering of a presumed Quest 3 prototype. It is not an official image. The actual design of the Meta Quest 3 might differ. Find more information on the device in our article Meta Quest 3: All facts and rumors.

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