Meta Quest (2): "Somewhere" is a free "GeoGuessr" clone in VR

Meta Quest (2):

You know GeoGuessr? The free quest app Somewhere offers the same addictive gameplay - but in virtual reality.


Somewhere takes you to random locations around the world and lets you guess where you are. You can enter your guessed location on a map. The closer you are to the actual location, the more points you get. You can compete with friends and strangers via leaderboards.

The 2013 web game Geoguessr popularized this simple but fun gameplay. Somewhere is a VR clone that puts you in the middle of Street View views.

Somewhere: A Diamond in the rough

The developer promises thousands of locations around the world. Somewhere currently offers more than 20 geographic subcategories to narrow the guessing game down to specific countries, continents, landscape types, or landmarks.

I tried out the VR game, which is compelling in its basic function, but needs a lot of tweaking in the user interface. For example, it would be handy if you could rotate the 360-degree views manually so that you can fully enjoy the game even when sitting down.


Somewhere also has a lot of room for improvement in terms of features. I'd especially like to see a multiplayer mode where I can invite friends into the VR experience to guess locations together.


Somewhere is available for free from the App Lab

The VR game is relatively new and I hope the developer improves and expands the app. Anyway, the fun and learning potential of Geo Guessing in VR is great.

Besides Somewhere, the developer also offers other interesting app experiments, such as the metaverse-tinder Nevermet or the VR app Couch, which allows you to watch YouTube with friends in VR. More information is available on the official website.

You can download Somewhere from the App Lab for free for Meta Quest 2 as well as Quest 1. Enter the app's name in the Store search and scroll down to the App Lab entry in the search results.


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