Meta Quest 2: Sci-fi thriller Nope comes to virtual reality

Meta Quest 2: Sci-fi thriller Nope comes to virtual reality

Meta announces a VR experience for Jordan Peele's sci-fi thriller NOPE. What awaits you in the virtual world of NOPE?

In the next few days, Jordan Peele's new film "Nope" will hit theaters worldwide. If you don't want to wait any longer, you can now immerse yourself in a NOPE VR experience in Meta's Horizon Worlds.

Sci-fi thriller NOPE remains a mystery

For a long time, very little was known about Jordan Peele's NOPE. The Oscar winner only let slip that his latest film will also contain horror elements and a social commentary. The first trailer for NOPE appeared in February of this year and further fueled speculation with its cryptic images.

After a total of three trailers, there are now many indications that the farm of the two main characters, played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, is haunted by aliens. What exactly is hidden behind the dark clouds over the Haywood ranch, however, remains unclear.

Meta brings a spoiler-free NOPE world to Horizon Worlds

Together with Jordan Peele's production company Monkeypaw Productions, Meta is now bringing a VR experience for NOPE to Meta Quest 2. Users can enter the virtual "NOPE world" via Metaverse's Horizon Worlds platform.


The VR experience begins with a ride on the Monkeypaw Train. Many Easter Eggs from Peele's films Get Out, Us and, of course, NOPE are hidden in the explorable train cars. Then it's on to Haywood Ranch, which is peppered with various mini-games.

Besides Meta and Monkeypaw, experienced members of the Horizon community were also involved in the creation of NOPE World. However, those hoping to find clues to the film's plot on the virtual ranch will be left empty-handed. The contributors were only given information that can already be seen in the trailers to provide a completely spoiler-free experience.

So far, Horizon Worlds has only been available in North America. Then, in June, Horizon Worlds launched in Europe and since then can also be used in the member states of the United Kingdom. At the announcement of the UK launch, Meta said that more European countries will follow.