Meta Quest 2 drops to a new low price of $200

Meta Quest 2 drops to a new low price of $200

The price of the 128GB Quest 2 model has been lowered once again and is now $200. It seems a next-gen successor is imminent.


The price of the 128 GB version of Meta Quest 2 has dropped to a new all-time low. The entry-level model is temporarily priced at $200 instead of $250.

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Meta had temporarily reduced the price of the 128GB version from $300 to $250 during the holiday season, and then announced before the end of the year that it would keep the lower price permanently. Now there is another price drop to $200.

The more expensive 256GB version has been unavailable for weeks.



Reports: Quest 2 successor not far off

With the price cut, Meta is probably trying to clear out warehouses. According to several reports, a new Meta Quest will be released in 2024 to replace Quest 2. The headset, which could be called Quest 3 Lite or Quest 3S, is said to have the same chip as Quest 3, but the Fresnel lenses and single display solution of Quest 2 to achieve a lower price point of around $300. Quest 3 costs $500.

That means Quest 2 may be outdated soon. If you want to buy a future-proof device that will support all new VR games in three to four years, you should be patient. Meta itself has not confirmed these reports or announced a new Quest product. But the fact that the 256GB version is no longer being sold and the price of the 128GB version continues to drop is a strong indication that a successor is coming.