Meta Quest 2 now has (3D) feature films on offer

Meta Quest 2 now has (3D) feature films on offer

With Meta Quest (2), you can now access feature films for free and stream them on a large VR screen. Some are even available in 3D.

I was surprised when I opened Oculus TV this morning and saw that Meta's VR app has nearly three dozen full-length movies on offer.

Among them are productions like the sci-fi film Bleeding Steel (2017) starring Jackie Chan, the drama Mud (2012) with Matthew McConaughey, and the action film Last Knights (2015) with Morgan Freeman. The Three Musketeers (2011) with Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz can even be seen in 3D.

Classic film formats are also fun in VR

I was surprised because Meta has not announced anything of the sort. However, last October it was revealed that Meta is looking to offer feature films on Oculus TV.

Makes sense. Oculus TV is Meta's platform for videos, films and slightly interactive 3D art. If there are shot and animated VR movies and Quillustrations to be seen there, why shouldn't productions in traditional formats also be offered? As long as Quest users watch movies and series in VR instead of on Netflix and Co. that's good for Meta.

There's also a lot of quality 2D content that would do well in a pocket virtual cinema, as Meta Quest 2 can be. Meta just needs to license it.


Oculus TV - soon in your own living room?

So far, I have only come across 2D in-house productions from Facebook Watch ("The Birch") and Oculus ("Colette") on Oculus TV. In addition, Meta has offered commercial music videos since September 2021, but they are not available from everywhere, which is probably due to licensing reasons. It is possible that Meta will now actually license feature films for virtual reality.

They are streamed free of charge in the Meta Quest (2), but they cannot be downloaded. Movie rentals are also not possible, but such a feature could be added later. The Oculus TV predecessor Oculus Video allowed users to pay for movies during the Rift era.

I like the ability to access movies in VR within seconds and watch them on a big screen. Or, alternatively, to simply hang the Oculus TV on your own living room wall with Meta AR.

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