Meta Quest 2: New update brings great guide center

Meta Quest 2: New update brings great guide center

Tutorials, guides and release notes: Almost everything you need to know about Meta Quest 2 can be found in the new VR app Meta Guide.

Quest 2 has received a ton of new features since its release, including the fitness tracker Oculus Move, wireless PC VR streaming Air Link, and the social launch environment Horizon Home. Even those who are deep into the material can overlook one or the other function. Could someone please think of the newbies?

The latest firmware update 43.0 finally remedies this. It brings a new Oculus app called Meta Guide in addition to the Meta accounts (manual). What is behind it?

All Meta Guides at a glance

Meta Guide is an info center where you can find almost everything there is to know about Meta Quest 2 at a glance. The app is divided into three sections: Tutorials, Releases, and FAQ.

Under the tutorials, old Quest guides as well as some new ones are gathered. You'll find dedicated tutorial apps like First Steps, interactive video guides, and text panels that explain, for example, how to set up a virtual office, multitask, date your friends in virtual reality, or focus your VR headset.

Some guides just direct you to the corresponding option in the settings to point out the feature. Even that can lead to an aha moment or two.


New features now directly visible in VR

In the Releases category you can find the release notes of the firmware. This refers to the texts that list the new features of the Quest updates. In the past, you had to go to a special website for this, but now you can do it with a few clicks in VR. Click on one of the updates and you can browse through the individual innovations including visualizations.

Finally, the FAQ contains links to more specific topics and questions, such as streaming, Oculus Link compatibility, and passthrough. Clicking on them opens the Oculus browser and takes you to the corresponding articles in the Oculus Support Center.

The Meta Guide provides an excellent overview of Quest's features. For more helpful information, check out our Meta Quest 2 Tips & Tricks Guide.