Meta Quest 2: Impressive graphics demo "Agency" turns into a full game

Meta Quest 2: Impressive graphics demo

The Agency tech demo has shown what can be achieved graphically with Meta Quest. Now it's being turned into a full-fledged product.


The demo was created in 2019 when developer Blair Renaud attempted to port his PC VR game Technolust to Meta Quest. Using Google's VR rendering technique Seurat, Blair conjured amazingly detailed cyperpunk environments.

Seurat works like this. First, a 3D scene is digitally photographed. Then, the same 3D scene is recreated from those photos like a cardboard backdrop. This recreation requires only a fraction of the computing power of the fully rendered 3D scene, but only displays it in full detail from a limited viewing angle.

The following video illustrates how Seurat works.

Green light for Agency

Since Renaud already had a big VR game in development with Low-Fi, he didn't pursue the project any further - although Meta expressed interest in a port. Something must have been going on behind the scenes, because Renaud now announces that work on Agency has begun and the game for Meta Quest will be released in the Oculus Store. Accordingly, the project has received green light from Meta.

Agency is being developed by Andre Elijah's VR studio, which has done contract work for big-name clients like Google, Meta, and Valve. The developer has confirmed to me that Seurat will be used. It could be used to create stunning VR environments in Meta Quest 2.

What is Agency about?

Renaud said nothing about the game's content or scope. The tech demo appeared on the App Lab in 2021 and includes a description of the story there. According to it, you are an Android that has received an experimental firmware update. You suddenly have free will and with it the ability to break out of the prison you find yourself in.

Der Entwickler Blair Renaud wurde durch

A scene from an early version of Low-Fi. | Image: Blair Renaud

According to the description, you can expect a rich narrative adventure filled with highly detailed characters and environments, exciting mini-games, and a reason to keep coming back. Live out the ultimate cyberpunk power fantasy: Start as a weak servant and end as the leader of a robot rebellion.

Low-Fi: Cyberpunk game for VR and 2D

According to Renaud, Agency is a prequel and a counterpart to his longtime project Low-Fi, the spiritual successor to Technolust. The game has a long development history. The project completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2019. After that, the release was postponed several times, most recently to 2022.

Low-Fi has since been confirmed for the PS5 and Playstation VR 2. I was able to try out an early version of the game in 2019, in which you take on the role of a cop in a dystopian cyberpunk city and solve crime cases. The demo impressed with its Blade Runner-like settings and city scenes, but didn't offer any sophisticated gameplay mechanics yet.


You can buy the current version on and try it out for yourself.

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