Lynx R-1 mass production still not started due to lack of funding

Lynx R-1 mass production still not started due to lack of funding

Startup Lynx is still struggling to bring its first mixed reality headset to market. It needs more funding to start mass production.

The last production update came just before Christmas in a blog post summarizing a YouTube video by CEO and founder Stan Larroque (see below) that was livestreamed on December 18.

According to the blog post, a batch of 300 units arrived at Lynx in August and were deemed "commercially viable" despite "minor issues" such as scratches, unsatisfactory finish on the plastic and a non-functioning microphone.

Production of the next batch of 500 so-called PVT (Production Validation Testing) units, which should be free of these problems, is now scheduled to begin after the Chinese New Year, in mid-February 2024, immediately followed by mass production.

The original plan was to start mass production at the end of 2023, according to the blog post. "However, we decided to take a more prudent approach, delaying the PVT stage until we ensure the necessary funds."

Lynx is looking for investors

The startup is currently in the process of securing the necessary funds, a process that should be completed between January and February, according to the blog post. Only then will the start-up start production of the PVT units. This is planned for February 10th. The actual mass production will start in March.


Lynx writes that, overall, the financial aspect has been "challenging" and that the slow pace of securing investments has been a "source of frustration".

What happens if the necessary funds are not raised seems unclear at this point.

The 2021 Kickstarter campaign had more than 1,200 backers, the majority of whom are still unlikely to have received a headset. The devices were originally scheduled to ship in April 2022 and were aimed at consumers. This is no longer the case after a price hike and a shift to enterprise. Due to the numerous delays, the mixed reality headset will be released after the Meta Quest 3 and the Apple Vision Pro, and will therefore face stiff competition.

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