65-inch holographic table 'Illumetry EOS' launched

65-inch holographic table 'Illumetry EOS' launched

Illumetry EOS is a table with a holographic display. You need shutter glasses to see the holograms.

Designed for visual storytelling and presentation, the table features a 65-inch built-in display.

The holographic technology is based on the Motion Parallax 3D principle: four cameras integrated into the table track the spatial position of the stereoscopic shutter glasses to the millimeter and dynamically adjust the projection to the viewing angle, creating the illusion of a stable and detailed three-dimensional object.

The resolution in 3D mode is 1,920 by 1,080 pixels at 120 Hz.

You interact with the table and 3D models using hand gestures or an iPad. The hologram can be zoomed and rotated. You can also switch between different 3D models stored in the table.

Illumetry EOS is said to be easy to set up, with a one-time installation taking about fifteen minutes. The device supports Unity3D, and integration with other 3D engines is possible via SDK.


Intended for enterprises and institutions

Illumetry is targeting architectural firms and the real estate industry, among others.

One of the advantages of the table is that it works in bright light and can therefore be used at trade shows as well as in sales rooms, galleries and museums. However, as already mentioned, special glasses are required for the hologram effect (see trailer). Also, at 91.5 kilograms, the device is not exactly easy to transport.

The specifications of Illumetry EOS at a glance.

The specifications of Illumetry EOS at a glance. | Image: Illumetry

The company is not disclosing how much the device will cost. Potential customers can try it out at showrooms in Dubai or Guangzhou.

Visit the official website to book a demo and learn more about the table.