High-end VR headset Somnium VR1 is still around & Meta CTO expects new era of growth

High-end VR headset Somnium VR1 is still around & Meta CTO expects new era of growth

Our weekly recap: the high-end Somnium VR headset returns from obscurity, and Meta's CTO expects a new XR growth era in 2023.

Somnium VR1 at CES 2023

Early January is CES time again. After the last VR lull years, virtual reality could play a bigger role again. The high-end PC VR headset Somnium has been in development for about two years and is expected to be unveiled in its final design at the tech conference. In addition to Somnium, HTC will show a new XR headset, and Sony could also focus its CES presentation on Playstation VR 2.

Side front view of the Somnium headset.

Somnium is supposed to set a new hardware standard for PC VR headsets. | Bild: Somnium Space

Meta CTO expects “new era of growth” in 2023

Meta chief technology officer Andrew Bosworth expects a new "era of growth and competition" next year. Is Bosworth mentally preparing its troops for Apple's entry into the market? Meta itself is planning at least Quest 3 for next year, which Bosworth promises you'll love.

Meta also confirmed that it plans to launch a Retina-resolution VR headset, announced "Meta Reality," Meta's new brand for a technically advanced version of Mixed Reality, and gave Quest 2 a seven percent GPU performance boost.

Can Meta beat Apple at AR headsets even without an iPhone equivalent?

The first true AR headset from Meta will likely come with a pocket computer. This is a huge advantage for Apple, which could also bring an AR headset, and has already sold millions of pocket computers with the iPhone. How big a challenge is this for Meta?


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