Half Life: Alyx mod Gunman Contracts becomes a standalone VR shooter

Half Life: Alyx mod Gunman Contracts becomes a standalone VR shooter

With Gunman Contracts - Stand Alone, fans of the Half Life: Alyx mod will get a standalone action shooter that can be played in virtual reality or without a VR headset.

German indie developer ANB_Seth is behind two of the most popular Half Life: Alyx mods, the Gunman Contracts chapters. A full standalone VR shooter will follow in 2024.

Find out what we know so far about the release, story, and gameplay of Gunman Contracts: Stand Alone.

How is Gunman Contracts: Stand Alone different from the mods?

Like in the mods Gunman Contracts: Chapter 1 - The Extraction and Chapter 2 - Art Of War, you play a nameless assassin known as Gunman. You take on the criminal underworld John Wick style.

Gunman Contracts: Stand Alone lets you operate two guns at the same time.

As Gunman, you clean up the underworld. | Bild: ANB_Seth

With the Bar in Chapter 1 and the Vask Plaza in Chapter 2, the two mods were limited to one level and one shooting range each. Gunman Contracts: Stand Alone, however, will offer a complete single player campaign. The missions are supposed to be customizable from a base similar to Hitman, which is intended to increase the replay value.

There will also be secondary mission objectives such as rescuing hostages and optional challenges. It is not yet known how many missions will be included in the finished game, but the full game will be playable in VR as well as a flat version on PC.


Gunman Contracts: Stand Alone includes weapon customization.

Weapons can be equipped with silencers or sights. | Image: ANB_Seth

The focus is on shooter gameplay, of course. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, knives, and bows that can be modified with silencers, sights, flashlights. More weapons will follow via updates. Splatter effects and blood can be turned off.

Gunman Contracts - Stand Alone starting in Early Access

ANB_Seth has announced the early access release of Gunman Contracts - Stand Alone for the first quarter of 2024. The virtual reality shooter will then gradually grow with new missions, weapons, and challenges.

It is currently unknown how long the Early Access status on Steam will last.

If you would rather not wait until then, you can download Gunman Contracts: Chapter 1 - The Extraction and Gunman Contracts: Chapter 2 - Art Of War for free. A full version of Half Life: Alyx is required for both mods.

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