Grid Legends is coming to Quest 2 and Roblox may follow

Grid Legends is coming to Quest 2 and Roblox may follow

The Quest 2 is finally getting a big racing game in Grid Legends. Also, rumors revive of a VR version of Roblox.

Good news for Quest 2 owners with a hankering for big VR games: There are stirrings about a VR version of the popular social game Roblox. In more concrete gaming news, Electronic Arts' freshly revealed VR racing game Grid Legends releases on January 12 for Quest 2 (review) and Quest Pro (review) at a price of $29.99.

Discounted pre-orders are available in the Store for $26.99. There are currently no known plans for VR support for the PC and PS5 versions.

Finally, a big VR racing game for Quest 2

The Quest version of Grid Legends is stepping into a gaping hole. Apart from arcade racers like Death Lap or Dash Dash World, there are no big native racing games or simulations for Meta Quest to date. Users have to connect a mobile VR headset to a gaming PC (guide) to play titles like Project Cars 2 or Assetto Corsa.

Ein Rennfahrer am Steuer auf der Strecke hinter dem Feld.

The first screenshots already show significant reductions in resolution and graphical quality. The VR version uses the Ego Engine developed by Sony and Codemasters. | Image: Electronic Arts

Grid Legends for Quest is a full-fledged racing game with over 130 tracks or track sections. There are a few changes and limitations. Online races have a limit of 16 participants, according to a spokesperson for EA's subsidiary studio Codemasters. The new version offers no Quest 1 support or crossplay.

In addition, the studio adjusted handling for touch controllers, the only input option - no racing wheels. Some camera perspectives have also been adapted for the game's virtual reality edition. Unlike the other versions, there will be no DLC.

An editor allows you to create your own events in which gamers compete with their friends. In the non-VR versions of the game, these include drift courses or electric car events with boost gates, where you determine conditions like weather and time of day. In addition to motorsport classes like touring cars and off-road races, the game's competitions also include larger vehicles like trucks.

For the story, EA and Codemasters produced cutscenes with real actors, unlike F1 2022 (review) with its animated characters.


Ein Tourenwagenrennen aus der Sicht eines Fahrers hinterm Feld.

In addition to touring car races, Grid Legends offers off-road vehicles and truck races. | Image: Electronic Arts

The studio Codemasters, which was taken over by EA in 2021, is one of the most diligent producers of optional VR racing game modes. In addition to the aforementioned F1 2022, Slightly Mad's Project Cars 2 and 3 and Dirt Rally 1 and 2, among others, supported VR headsets.

Is Roblox also coming for the Quest?

Another potential highlight in the Quest Store could be the popular, social game builder Roblox. Back in May 2022, there were rumors of a Roblox edition for VR. Studio CEO David Baszucki and a fan blog mentioned that there could be a Quest version one day.

Meanwhile, Alex Heath of The Verge, known for reliable leaks, also claims to have heard about a Roblox version for Meta Quest. According to his sources, this should happen in the second half of the year.

Heath sees great potential in the young user base to boost sales of Meta headsets. Similar social VR construction titles already exist including Meta Horizon or the more successful Rec Room. The presumed timing could fit with the planned release of Meta Quest 3 towards the end of the year. Recently, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth hinted that Meta could even introduce multiple VR headsets next year.

Officially, Roblox has not yet been announced for Meta Quest. At the moment, it is only speculation. If the Roblox launch turns out to be correct, this is also interesting with regard to the development of Meta's own social VR world Horizon Worlds, which has been criticized externally and internally lately.

Allowing Roblox to launch as a potential competitor in the Quest Store would speak to the openness of the platform. It could also be an indication that Meta is willing to give up some of its stake in social VR in favor of platform growth.

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